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Calm down... I’ll tell you what’s in it, but before I do.... you have to promise not to fall in love!

First, a brief overview of the bag itself, and what’s inside.. I’ll be doing future blogs on what my favorite body and lens combination is, photography tips and tricks, upcoming promotions, and a number of other things... all intended to give you a glimpse into my world and the fun I have.

So... here we go...

The bag is an Estarer Professional DSLR, waterproof backpack. You can find it here. It’s the size of an average backpack, except that it’s deeper than you might expect (some of my small lenses are even able to stack on top of one another). In addition to the depth being pretty neat, you also get foam dividers with Velcro that, surprisingly, can hold a bit of weight and help protect my whole set up. With that being said, there are a few small things that are a bit annoying... it has a cool zipper on the side that gives you access to some of the gear and also has a couple pockets to store batteries or other small accessories... the draw back is that the large dividers have to Velcro on to those pockets, which make it virtually impossible to utilize the access. Another small drawback is the fact that it’s... well... the size of a backpack. I know that sounds silly, but despite having the depth that it does, it’s really hard to fit all of my gear into it, which leads to the need of another bag. The thing is, I’m willing to forgive, because I love being able to carry it around like a backpack and not like rolling luggage. The last added bonus is that it’s waterproof, PLUS you can’t really beat the price. Other backpack camera bags can end up costing you $150-$250, for the same benefits.

Now you’re probably asking how much I can actually fit... here’s what I have inside:

2 Camera bodies (Nikon D810 & D7200)

2 Battery Grips w/ AA Battery adapters

4 lenses (10-20mm, 50mm, 18-140mm, & 70-300mm)

2 external flashes (Godox & ONN (surprisingly, extremely good for being a Walmart brand))

2 memory card storage cases

2 miscellaneous bags that house flash drives, transfer cords, adapters, etc.

1 cleaning kit

1 iPad Pro (2018)

1 Laptop

The Nikon D810...

It is an absolute beast when it comes to everything. It’s heavier than the average camera body (slight drawback); It has a 36 MP sensor, and is a full frame camera. The depth of field is amazing, and the clarity that it produces is breathtaking. Pair this camera with a 50mm prime and you have pure gold sitting in your hands. While it may only shoot at 5 FPS, add a battery grip and you can see speeds increase to 6 and 7 FPS. Despite it being 7 years old, it is still one of the best cameras around... very few have been able to match it’s quality. I highly recommend this camera to anyone aimed at shooting landscapes, portraits, or weddings. This thing excites me, but i’ll save all of the giddiness for another post.

So there it is... the first post is in the bag 😉

Feel free to leave any questions or comments... maybe even suggestions for what you would like to hear about in the future...

✌️ + ❤️

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